About Us

The Vancouver  Couple & Family Institute (VCFI) is a designated EFT centre recognized by EFT developer Dr. Sue Johnson and the International Centre of Excellence in EFT. We are also a Training Centre with an international reputation.

Many of our referrals come from other therapists who recognize the effectiveness of EFT and value our work. Half of our referrals come from previous clients.



Lorene Lorene Carey, Office Administrator

As the first point of contact at VCFI, Lorene brings a friendly and outgoing personality to her role as our Office Administrator. Our clients and office staff feel her positive “can -do” attitude.

Lorene’s sensitivity in working with people comes from her extensive experience in HR and administration in the home health care industry and also in the general labour sector. Her professionalism and dependability is exemplified in her key role
at VCFI.

Lorene is a valuable part of our team as she respectfully and confidentially assists new clients in the first steps of connecting with a therapist at VCFI.  Lorene will gather information from you to assist the directors in establishing a good match between you and your therapist.  You may provide this information by contacting our office or completing our secure online intake questionnaire.  Additionally, she is able to answer general inquiries which you may have regarding therapy and our EFT training programs.



Veronica Kallos-LillyVeronica Kallos-Lilly, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist #1314
Certified EFT Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer

The first qualities that will strike you about Veronica are her warmth and genuineness. You will be put at ease by her solid, calm presence. As a psychologist, Veronica’s naturally intuitive questions will engage you to explore your inner world and life experiences as she helps you resolve your problems. You will be held by Veronica’s compassion as she guides you to self-reflect, tune into your feelings, and make sense of your personal obstacles so that you can overcome them. During counselling sessions, Veronica is often heard saying “I want to help you become who you are, not turn into someone you’re not!” You will be encouraged to use the self-knowledge you’ve gained to create fulfilling relationships and follow solid, life decisions that nourish you.

Veronica has been practicing as a Registered Psychologist in British Columbia since 1997. In 2005, she co-founded the Vancouver Couple & Family Institute (VCFI) where she continues as a Director. Apart from realizing a professional dream for Veronica, VCFI has earned a reputation within the community it serves for providing exceptional clinical service and training to therapists.

Regarded as an expert in Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), Veronica is sought after as a clinician, educator, and consultant to therapists around the globe. Her first book, co-authored with Jennifer Fitzgerald, An Emotionally Focused Workbook for Couples: The Two of Us, is receiving high praise and being recommended by counsellors across the continent. As a Certified EFT Trainer, Veronica travels within Canada, the United States, and Australia to provide training. She offers long distance consultation electronically and presents her work at professional conferences and in journals. Veronica is also a Registered Circle of Security Parent Facilitator. She delights in helping parents, along with their infants and toddlers, to bond deeply and securely.

Veronica brings her experience and expertise to individuals, couples, and families who wish to resolve their struggles and enhance their lives.

Veronica's areas of practice include:

Individual Therapy for: Life transitions, Stress and coping, Identity and self-esteem issues, Depression and anxiety, Interpersonal concerns, Grief and loss, and Counselling for family of origin and traumatic experiences.

Couples Counselling to: Improve relationship conflict, tension, and communication problems, Strengthen couples' enjoyment, appreciation, closeness and intimacy, Recover from affairs and clarify commitment.

Family Counselling for: Helping parents tune into and bond with their baby, Maintaining parent-child relationships through adolescence, Addressing relationship issues between adult children and parents or siblings.

“Veronica is an exceptionally skilled couples therapist, a Master Clinician, with an excellent knowledge of the theory and practice of EFT.” 
- Dr. Susan Johnson
Originator of EFT for Couples, Author of Hold Me Tight

Veronica’s schedule is:

Tuesday – 9AM to 5PM
Wednesday – 9AM to 12PM
Thursday – 9AM to 5PM



Yolanda von Hockauf Yolanda von Hockauf, M. Ed., Registered Marriage &
Family Therapist #13466
AAMFT Approved Supervisor
Certified EFT Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer

When you sit down with Yolanda and let her into your world of experiences, you will immediately notice her strong, compassionate presence.  Her warm and perceptive responses help create the trust you need to see yourself and your situation with greater clarity, and mobilize you to face and overcome your most difficult problems. Whether you are an individual or a couple, Yolanda will help you find ways to implement the changes you want to make in your life.

Yolanda is a Registered Marriage and Family Therapist and a founding director of the Vancouver Couple & Family Institute (VCFI), which has gained a reputation of excellence in the therapeutic community among physicians, other therapists and the general public.  A therapist in the original research study on Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in 1983, Yolanda has been using this approach since it was established. Her skills as a Certified EFT Therapist are widely sought. 

Yolanda offers therapy for individuals, couples and families. She continues to base her therapeutic approaches on research-based methods of therapy, adapting her style to suit your unique needs.  If you have tried to get the help you need and are not sure where to turn, call Yolanda, and she will help you assess how she might be of help to you. 

Yolanda has been a consultant and trainer to other psychotherapists since 1991 and frequently travels internationally to teach. She is an American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Approved Supervisor and a Certified Trainer in Emotionally Focused Therapy – the most well-researched and proven approach to relationship distress.  As a senior therapist and mentor to other counselors, she has trained over 1000 therapists in six countries around the world. She has a passion for helping therapists grow in their skills, confidence and self-awareness.  Her clarity of style and engaging manner make her training an exceptional experience for beginning and advanced therapists alike.

Yolanda's areas of practice include:

Counselling for Individuals: Depression and anxiety, Family of origin and self-esteem problems, Understanding and changing relationship patterns, and Life decisions and transitions.

Couple and Relationship counselling for: Conflict and communication problems, Lack of closeness, Recovery from affairs, Remarriage decisions and challenges, and Decisions regarding relationship commitment.

Family counselling: Parent and adolescent therapy, Therapy for blended families, and counselling for illness and other life stresses.

Yolanda’s schedule is:

Tuesday – 9AM to 5PM
Friday – 9AM to 5PM

Tsawwassen branch office:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
Daytime hours, variable



Brenda (Yaari) DyerBrenda (Yaari) Dyer, Ph.D, R.Psych. #2094

Yaari loves helping people find happier and less stressful ways of living. She provides a compassionate and encouraging atmosphere for clients to explore their experience and to find new ways of thinking, feeling and behaving. With a gentle sense of humour and calm presence, she will support you in understanding yourself and your situation in order to make changes for a more authentic and meaningful life.

Yaari completed her PhD in Counselling Psychology at University of British Columbia and is registered as a psychologist in the province of British Columbia. She currently teaches Counselling Psychology at the University of British Columbia. She integrates EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) for individuals and couples, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and Mindfulness.  Yaari has lived, studied and worked extensively in various parts of the world and brings a deep respect for, and love of, diverse cultural perspectives. Some of her counselling training has been in spiritually-based modalities learned in India and Japan, and she enjoys helping clients find ways to connect to and nourish their spirit. 

Yaari sees adults at every life stage who are grappling with issues interfering with their daily life functioning and happiness. She particularly enjoys working with individual clients and couples in transition - young adults with identity, career and dating issues; those in midlife transition and crises; and later-life clients with existential concerns around aging and life meaning. She has a long-standing interest in treating depression, particularly situational depression triggered by relationship break-up and loss.

Yaari's areas of practice include:

Individual Therapy for:  Life and career transitions, anxiety and/or panic, depression,  interpersonal concerns, counselling for family of origin issues, identity and self-esteem issues, stress management and burnout prevention 

Couples Counselling for: Relationship conflict, tension and communication problems, lack of closeness and intimacy, recovery from affairs

Yaari's schedule is:

Monday – 1PM to 8PM
Thursday - 9AM to 3PM
Saturday – 9AM to 3PM



BabakBabak Farzaneh, M.A., Registered Clinical Counsellor #6120

Babak brings genuine caring and compassion as he listens to the life stories of the children, adolescents, couples and families he works with. His non-judgmental, patient and open-minded attitude gives his clients the experience of being cared for, deeply understood, and respected. Even clients who initially are reluctant to go for counselling, concerned about being judged, or unsure of its value, find themselves coming back and opening up. Babak believes in each individual's inherent strength, courage and wisdom and values a collaborative approach. He will connect with you and help you engage your own inner strengths and resources to undo patterns that create challenges in your life. His colleagues describe him as passionate about his clients' well-being and growth, humorous, humble and open-minded.

Babak entered the helping profession, completing his Master's degree in Counselling Psychology at the University of British Columbia and becoming a Registered Clinical Counsellor. He currently has over 9 years of counselling experience and loves his job. He has had extensive experience working with hard to reach teenagers.

Babak is trained in Emotionally Focused Therapy, Emotionally Focused Family Therapy, Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Motivational Interviewing. As a strong believer in self-improvement and growth, he pursues professional development training on a regular basis. Babak also diligently maintains regular mindfulness practice in his personal life. He completed his Master's thesis on how clients experience mindfulness, and has intensive academic knowledge and personal experience about ways of helping clients benefit from mindfulness-based interventions.

Babak's areas of practice include:

Individual Counselling for:  Depression and anxiety; interpersonal concerns; identity and self-esteem concerns; stress management; problems with anger; grief and loss; working with trauma survivors; and working with children and teenagers.

Couples Counselling for: Improving relationship concerns and conflict; reducing tension and problems with communication; strengthening and discovering intimacy and closeness.

Family Counselling for: Improving parent-child relationships through adolescence; strengthening parenting practices in raising children and teens; and improving communication, closeness and understanding within the family unit.

Babak's schedule is:

Tuesday - 8 AM to 5 PM
Thursday - 2:30 PM to 9:00 PM

Babak will be returning from parental leave on March 20th, 2018.



Carol Flynn Carol Flynn, Ph. D., Registered Psychologist #1521

Carol has deep respect for the courage shown by clients in seeking therapy.  She sees her role as one of providing support, guidance and skills to make change possible, helping clients live more joyful lives.  Her style is direct and transparent, incorporating compassion and humour.  She is a registered psychologist with over 10 years of experience in individual, group and couples psychotherapy.  She integrates well-researched methods such as cognitive-behavioural, interpersonal and emotion-focused approaches to assist clients in understanding their concerns and finding solutions. 

In couple and group formats, Carol supports clients in finding ways to better communicate with one another.  She creates a safe place for exploring, providing feedback, and growing together.  In addition to practice within sessions, Carol emphasizes ways to transfer new skills and behaviours to the “real world”.  Carol is skilled at helping all clients feel heard, understood, and respected.

Carol completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at UBC and has practiced in numerous hospital and outpatient settings.  She has acted as a program coordinator and provides supervision for pre- and post-doctoral therapists.  Carol is a Clinical Associate of the Simon Fraser University Psychology Department.

Carol's areas of practice include:

Individual therapy for: depression, stress & anxiety, relationship concerns, eating disorders, grief and loss, coping with chronic medical illness, self-esteem, and sleep disorders. 

Couples counseling for:  overcoming relationship tension and conflict, improving and strengthening emotional connection, recovery from affairs, addressing tension related to trying to conceive and infertility, managing relationships in which one or both partners struggle with psychological concerns, and decisions related to commitment.

Group therapy for:  couples seeking a workshop format to understand problematic interaction patterns and individuals seeking specific emotional or relationship skills training and peer feedback.

Carol’s schedule is:

Monday – 10AM to 5PM
Wednesday – 10AM to 5PM
Thursday - 9:30AM to 2PM



Richard Harrison Richard Harrison, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist #1855
Certified EFT Therapist and Supervisor
Certified AEDP Therapist and Supervisor

When you consult Richard, you will be met with respect, heartfelt understanding, and depth of knowledge. Known for his sensitivity and insight, Richard creates a therapeutic environment uniquely suited to your personal growth. He helps you recognize and shift unhealthy patterns, and make choices in keeping with your values and goals.   As a psychologist, Richard integrates creativity and humor to help you overcome problems, enhance relationships, and develop new avenues to lasting change.

Richard enjoys his work as a counselling psychologist, offering services in English and French.  He is inspired by his clients’ ability to make meaningful changes in their lives.  Since 1995, he has provided therapy to people of all ages in diverse settings, including community-based mental health programs, hospital clinics, and university counselling centres. Richard teaches Counselling Psychology at the University of British Columbia and supervises graduate students in their clinical practice. He also is a Adjunct Professor in the UBC Department of Psychiatry. He has authored publications on psychotherapy and self-care in professional journals, such as Psychotherapy: Theory, Research, Practice, Training, The Journal of the American Medical Association, and the Canadian Journal of Counseling. Richard is proud to be a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist and Supervisor and a certified AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) Therapist. He offers professional consultation and workshops in EFT and AEDP and genuinely delights in sharing his knowledge while helping clinicians discover, learn and grow in their practice.

Richard's areas of practice include:

Individual Counselling for: Family of origin concerns, life transitions,  interpersonal relationships, self-esteem and assertiveness, sexual orientation and identity issues,  overcoming depression and mood instability, grief and loss, stress management and burnout prevention.

Couples Counselling to: Repair and deepen connection between partners, improve communication and enhance intimacy, resolve conflict, heal after infidelity and other breaches of trust, and clarify commitment to the relationship.

Family Counselling to help family members:  Join together to solve problems and overcome differences, adapt to change, express love and care in healthy ways, and strengthen connections while promoting the growth and development of each family member.

Professional Consultation/Supervision: to help clinicians enhance and refine their practice of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, as well therapy with individuals.

Richard’s schedule is:

Monday – 10AM to 6PM
Tuesday – 10AM to 6PM
Wednesday – 10AM to 6PM
Friday – 10AM to 6PM



Marilyn Marilyn Kwong, Ph. D., Registered Psychologist #2043

As a psychologist, Marilyn has a great deal of enthusiasm and holds a deeply held conviction for the value of healthy, close relationships in our lives. She left a 15-year career in the corporate world to complete her Ph.D. in psychology. As a person who pursued education and motherhood later in life, she brings a great deal of experience about life transitions, including career change, adoption, and parenting to her work. In speaking with Marilyn, you will quickly feel comfortable, understood, and secure.

Marilyn has been greatly influenced by therapies that are focused and practical, and help you to better manage difficult emotions within a safe and accepting environment. With this experience, you can learn to respond to your emotions in a way that enhances, rather than undermines, your sense of self and your relationships with others. Through this process, she may play different roles: a companion in discovery, a catalyst for change, an educator.

Marilyn has over 10 years of experience providing therapy for individuals, couples, and groups. Her experience has taught her about the importance of finding just the right approach for each unique person or couple. She has developed skills across a range of therapeutic approaches including short-term, cognitive behaviour therapy, intensive short-term dynamic therapy, and emotionally focused therapy for couples. In addition to her assessment and therapy work, she enjoys mentoring graduate students.

Marilyn's areas of practice include:

Adult Therapy for: Anxiety, Depression, Relationship Difficulties (including discomfort with intimacy or too much distance, communication problems, loneliness), Post-Partum Adjustment and Depression, Life and Career Transitions, Chronic or overwhelming stress, Traumatic Experiences (including workplace accidents, motor vehicle accidents, sexual assault, and childhood abuse), Return to Work Issues, Grief/Loss (including loss of animal companions), Adoption, Identity Issues.

Couples Counselling for: Conflict, Relationship Dissatisfaction, Infidelity, Intimacy and Trust Issues, Transition to Parenting.

Marilyn's schedule is:

Monday – 1PM to 8PM
Thursday – 9AM to 2PM
Saturday - 9:30AM to 3:30PM



Jocelyne Lessard Jocelyne Lessard, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist #1537

As a psychologist, Jocelyne is passionate about her work with children, teens, adults, and couples, alike.  At once warm and practical, she helps you make lasting changes with confidence.  A mother herself, she appreciates the challenges today's parents face in raising healthy, competent children. 

Jocelyne's study of relationships and experience with a number of special populations have led her to recognize the fundamental role that our relationships hold in overcoming adversity.  Jocelyne is committed to helping you and your loved ones identify and build on your own sources of resilience through therapy. 

Jocelyne completed her PhD in Clinical Psychology at Simon Fraser University. For over fifteen years, she has conducted therapy with people from all walks of life.  She is well versed in a number of therapeutic approaches including Emotion Focused Therapy, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, Narrative, Developmental, and Solution-focused therapies. She has worked in several community, hospital and forensic settings as a clinician and supervisor.  She continues to enjoy supervising and training interns and graduate students.

Originally from Montreal, Quebec, Jocelyne is fully fluent in French and always welcomes the opportunity to work with Francophones.

Jocelyne areas of practice include:

Individual therapy for: Relationship challenges, stress and associated symptoms of anxiety and depression, grief and loss, life transitions, family of origin issues, self-esteem and identity, parenting

Couples counselling for: decreasing relationship conflict and improving closeness, parenting, co-parenting during and after separation/divorce

Child/Adolescent therapy for: managing and adjusting to adversity including separation, divorce, blended families, chronic and/or life threatening illness, medical and psychological trauma, grief and loss, bullying, depression, and anxiety

Jocelyne’s schedule is:

Monday - 9:00AM to 3PM
Thursday – 9:30AM to 8:30PM



Jennifer PringleJennifer Pringle, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist #1921

With a calming and compassionate presence, Jennifer invites couples and adult individuals to address their concerns with her in counselling. Her warmth, empathy, and acceptance of individuality foster a safe environment in which to delve into personal problems from past and present. She helps you to explore the hopes and needs that are common to so many of us, and assists you in finding pathways to well-being and healthy relationships. Her optimism about your potential will support you in drawing upon your inner strengths, while her gentle persistence challenges you to create lasting personal changes of which you can be proud.

Jennifer holds a PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Victoria, and is registered as a psychologist in the province of British Columbia. Her approach to therapy with couples and individuals is tailored to the needs of each client. She has been offering Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT) to couples since 2006. In her work with individuals she draws from a range of research-based therapy approaches, including emotion-focused and cognitive theories.  She has provided therapy in various settings, including hospitals, community mental health units, university counselling centres, forensic clinics, and private practice. She is a member of the Canadian and British Columbia Psychological Associations.

Jennifer also has extensive research experience with couples, having studied aspects of partners' cooperative behaviour, differing memories of relationship events, and beliefs and expectations about remarriage. She has co-authored articles in the Journal of Divorce & Remarriage, BC Counsellor, and Cognitive Therapy and Research, as well as a book chapter regarding supports for children coping with their parents' divorce.

Jennifer's areas of practice include:

Individual Therapy for: Depression, Anxiety, Stress and coping, Identity and self-esteem issues, Life and career transitions, Interpersonal concerns, Grief and loss, and Counselling for family of origin and traumatic experiences.

Couples Counselling for: Relationship conflict, tension, and communication problems, Lack of closeness and intimacy, Recovery from affairs and clarifying commitment, Pre-marital counselling, Separation, divorce, and remarriage counselling.

Family Counselling for: Relationship issues between adult children and parents, Adult sibling relationships.

Jennifer’s schedule is:

Monday - 9AM to 5PM
Tuesday – 9AM to 5PM
Wednesday – 10AM to 7PM
Thursday – off
Friday – 9AM to 5PM



Rotem RegevRotem Regev, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist #2276
Certified EFT Therapist

As soon as Rotem greets you with her big smile you will feel her genuine warmth and positive energy. Her empathic nature, coupled with her gentle, solid presence, creates a safe and nurturing space for your experience to unfold. With respect and appreciation for both your struggles and your strengths, Rotem will help you access your resilience as you discover your path to well-being. Rotem is truly passionate about helping adults, couples, and teens grow, live from their heart, and feel more in tune within themselves and their relationships. Together, you and Rotem can transform your experience and create lasting, positive changes.

Rotem is a Registered Psychologist in the province of British Columbia. She earned both her M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at the University of Victoria, BC. Where she specialized in human life-span development with a focus on relationships. Rotem interned at the International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally-Focused Therapy (ICEEFT), and was trained by its founder and co-originator of Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT), Dr. Sue Johnson and her colleagues.

Over the years, Rotem has had the pleasure and privilege of providing therapy for individuals and couples across multiple settings. She has welcomed clients from all walks of life, and has a true appreciation for each individual's and couple's uniqueness. Rotem tailors her approach to your specific needs, and draws on a range of research-based modalities, including Emotion-Focused, Cognitive-Behavioural, and Mindfulness.

Rotem has written multiple articles and book chapters, and continues to enthusiastically present in the areas of attachment and family transitions. She has been the recipient of numerous prestigious fellowships and in 2010 she received the BC Government Social Policy Award for her research on fostering resilience during family transitions.

Rotem is fluent in Hebrew and is happy to provide services in either English or Hebrew.

Rotem's areas of practice include:

Individual (including Adolescent) Therapy for: Depression, Anxiety, Stress Management, Trauma, Interpersonal Issues, Self-Esteem, Identity, Life Transitions, Grief and Loss, Adjusting to Chronic Pain, Injury and Illness, Emotion Regulation.

Couples Therapy for: Relationship conflict, tension, and communication problems, Lack of closeness and intimacy, Recovery from affairs and clarifying commitment, Pre-marital counselling, Separation, divorce, and remarriage counselling.

Rotem’s schedule is:

Monday - 9AM to 2PM
Tuesday – 9AM to 2PM
Wednesday – off
Thursday – 9AM to 2PM
Friday – 9AM to 2PM


Vaneesa Wiebe Vaneesa Wiebe, Ph.D., Registered Psychologist #1806

Vaneesa recognizes the importance of building strong relationships in facing life's challenges - she lives this in her own life and helps you create this in yours. As a therapist, she focuses on understanding who you are and what is most important in your life. Vaneesa's gentle, playful counselling style puts children at ease. Her genuine interest in youth and adults alike helps you feel you can share who you really are. Her ability to see the "big picture" helps all family members feel understood so they can move forward in the counselling process.

Vaneesa has been providing psychological assessment and therapy services for over 10 years. She completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Simon Fraser University and is registered with the College of Psychologists of BC. She has worked in a variety of settings including hospitals, provincial assessment and treatment centres, counselling clinics, and private practice. She has developed expertise in a range of treatment approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution-Focused Therapy, Emotionally-Focused Therapy, Attachment-based Family Therapy, Play Therapy, and Circle of Security parenting training. Vaneesa is qualified to complete a range of comprehensive psychological assessments with children and adolescents including cognitive, academic, social-emotional, and adaptive domains of functioning. She also supervises masters- and doctoral-level students in their clinical training.

Vaneesa's areas of therapy practice and psychology services include:

Adult Therapy for: Anxiety and depression, stress management, improving relationships, self-image and identity exploration, and psychological trauma and childhood abuse.

Child/Adolescent Therapy for: Anxiety and depression, improving peer and family relationships, dealing with bullying and childhood stressors, and psychological trauma or abuse.

Family Therapy for: Helping families deal with transitions (e.g., separation, divorce, blended families), improve communication and bonding, and reduce conflict. Counselling sessions may include individual family members or various combinations of parents, children, and extended family members.

Child/Adolescent Psychological Assessment for: Identifying learning strengths and weaknesses (psycho-educational assessment), developmental difficulties, and mental health concerns (psycho-diagnostic assessment).

Vaneesa’s schedule is:

Thursday – 10AM to 4PM
Friday - 11AM to 9PM
Saturday – 10AM to 5PM